Ecommerce business in Ghana has been growing at a rapid rate and more and more businesses have been leveraging on this growth to draw in more sales. With an impressive growth of over 30% in 2017 and 2018 to nearly $1 million in sales, this tells you that ecommerce is booming in Ghana, especially with the growth of mobile devices and the internet.

In February 2022, resources revealed that the E-commerce market in Ghana reached more than $950 Million by the year 2022 with 10% growth rate.

Initiatives taken by the government of Ghana and Internet penetration rate is more than 51% is the main reason behind the development of eCommerce industry in Ghana.

This blog highlights the top companies in Ghana that are facilitating this growth.

It would also provide you a list of the top e-commerce companies in Ghana to help you find the one that’s right for you. So if you’re looking to start your own e-business, or about to purchase a good online, this will guide you make the right decision


Tonaton Ghana is an online marketplace where Ghanaians may purchase and sell a variety of goods. is the official website for buying and selling nearly everything. The finest bargains are typically made with individuals who live in your own city or on your own street, so buying and selling locally is simple on All you need to do now is choose your region. allows you to submit an ad in less 2 minutes. You may create a free account and submit adverts whenever you like. offers the largest range of popular used things in Ghana, making it simple to locate precisely what you’re searching for.


So whether you’re searching for a vehicle, a phone, a house, a computer, or even a pet, can help you locate the greatest offer. is a multi-category marketplace where you can buy and sell things from over 50 different categories. They also carefully analyze all ads before they are published to ensure that they meet high standards. For convenient access to Ghana’s largest classifieds marketplace, download and install Tonaton app for free on your phone. Visit if you’d like to get in contact with them.


Dealasm is an online deal aggregation platform for Ghana. It strives to bring the most interesting deals available on the web to you, our customer and user.  Dealasm is your one-stop destination to all your needs – spreading positivism and helping you save on your expenses.

Dealasm is a Ghana-based online shopping platform that was launched in January 2022.. It has a user interface similar to that of other popular e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, and Zando. It was founded and Powered by Ronel Agency; a digital agency that is gradually defining the digital space in Ghana.

Dealasm currently has about 200 sellers and it has facilitated the sale of about 1,000 products in Ghana.

In Ghana, Dealasm is a leading online marketplace that enables users to buy and sell products and services online.


Ghana is not the best online shopping hub in the world, at least not yet. But it’s not a bad place to start, especially if you’re selling from the heart of Accra. And that’s exactly what Dealasm does best. “We are a platform, which equips individuals, companies to sell their products online. And get the best deals”, says Lead Developer, Nii Martey  Adjiri- Newman.

Dealasm is a collaborative, free-for-all space for all kinds of online merchants. Sellers can sign up for a free account and list their products at the marketplace. Buyers can search the marketplace by category, keywords and price to find the products they have in mind. Dealasm’s main goal is to facilitate smooth online transactions


Jumia, Ghana’s most convenient online shopping mall, is dedicated to providing you with the finest possible service. Wherever you are in Ghana, thier goal is to supply you with the finest in class products. Jumia offers a diverse selection of high-quality items from leading brands at competitive rates. Jumia is an online store providing something for everyone in the family.

The user-friendly website provides a unique and convenient shopping experience by providing all of the things you require, including high-tech, home and kitchen appliances, mobile phones, home décor, fragrances, watches, games, laptops, and tablets. You may shop for apparel, shoes, accessories, eyewear, and more at the fashion store.


Jumia pledges to deliver the utmost service possible. We bring your item to your door, accept a variety of payment options, and have a 14-day return policy.

Don’t worry, your order will be delivered quickly by our own delivery fleet. We’ll take additional care of your goods, no matter how big or fragile it is, till it reaches your hands!

Jumia began with three people and now employs 80 young and enterprising Ghanaians, including an eight-person customer support team that is accessible six days a week.

Deliveries to all sixteen regions in Ghana.


Jiji is the finest location to sell real-world items to real-world buyers.

It is the world’s largest free online classified ad site with a sophisticated security mechanism. We provide a straightforward and painless way to sell and purchase practically everything.


To sell on Jiji, you must do the following:

1. Register

2. Photograph your goods.

3. Press the SELL button.

4. Return your clients’ messages and phone calls!

How can I make a purchase on Jiji?

1. Look for the thing you’re looking for.

2. Make contact with a vendor.

3. Pick up your goods or place an order for delivery.

4. Provide feedback for the vendor.

Jiji allows you to SELL FASTER and BUY SMARTER.


BayGH is an online business marketplace in Ghana and Africa that provides a web market platform for individual and corporate vendors and buyers to sell and trade items and services. Icy Network Systems offers BayGH Web Marketplace as a service.

The Baygh online market was established to promote buying and selling in Ghana’s diverse villages. They say they want to rule many African nations by providing a diverse range of new ideas that will bring vendors and consumers together.


BayGH allows you to buy and sell your products/services, as well as unwanted personal stuff, for free online, ensuring that your company, products, and items are viewed throughout Africa and the world. We’ll keep our inventive edge, with future ambitions that include a strong presence in Africa.


Zoobashop is your best bet for consumer electronics. has won the CIMG eCommerce online shop of the year award two years in a row in 2015 and 2016. It will celebrate its 9th birthday in 2022.

From the comfort of your own home, Zoobashop allows you to shop for your favorite styles.


The Ghanaian-owned retail establishment first opened its doors in December 2013 and has since supplied the contemporary consumer with an outstanding and wonderful shopping experience.

Zoobashop accepts a variety of payment methods, ranging from traditional cash-on-delivery to online credit/debit card payments, making it simple and straightforward to pay for your purchases.


Shopintins is one of Ghana’s fastest growing online shopping sites, with a core aim to become the most dependable e-commerce platform in Ghana and Africa. It was founded in December 2017 with the goal of being the most reliable e-commerce platform in Ghana and Africa. Shopintins is an online marketplace where you can purchase and sell items. It also makes it incredibly easy for merchants to construct their own online store to meet their own company demands. Sellers can even charge customers to operate their businesses online. Given the rapid growth of Shopintins in Ghana, we can confidently declare it to be one of the best online shopping sites in Ghana to buy and sell in 2022.


We can also assist you in acquiring new items and locating wholesalers and distributors in Ghana. Phones, computers, accessories, fashion, shoes, house hold equipments, mother care, baby meals and baby, sports and toys, gaming consoles, beverages, home appliances, and many more things are among our offerings.

They also provide a variety of services to ensure convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process, such as our lowest price guarantee, 7-day free return policy*, Payment on Delivery, Cash or Mobile Money payment support, order delivery tracking, dedicated customer service support, and a variety of other premium services.


Reapp is a business-to-consumer platform that informs customers about which stores in a given nation offer the items they want. We are currently delivering value for thousands of businesses and millions of shoppers each year using Ghana as our starting point! They say  like the Maori tribe of New Zealand, take pleasure in the originality and distinction, thus the word Rohe, which is the Maori word for local/area. Local e-commerce just got better with Reapp (rohe e-commerce app).


Simply register and list your items on for merchants. After a store registers, gh is free for a minimum of 30 days. They make it simpler for a retailer’s items to be found in a timely manner by the right people by fostering this sort of meaningful contact between merchants and customers. All of the retailer’s information, including phone numbers and locations, is shown, allowing shops to conduct business directly with customers and develop lucrative business partnerships


Online Shopping Center, Deus is a powerful online retail store that makes an ethical guarantee to clients to provide high-quality, low-cost printers and toners to their doorstep.

Deus is committed to providing Online Retail Solutions that match the industry’s highest standards through an ethical approach, a diverse and inclusive workforce, and a constant attention on our customers, partners, and workers.


By registering with Deus, you will learn why individuals, businesses, and resellers choose Deus as their go-to source for photocopiers, printers, scanners, print toners, drums, and cleaning blades, as well as printer accessories, photocopier accessories, computer accessories, and IT-related products.


KiKUU is an African online shopping mall with over 400,000 new fashion items available on the KiKUU APP. You can find anything from fashion to everyday necessities, and you can save a lot of money!

KiKUU is used by over 2 million individuals in Africa to buy for low-cost items. Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda, Dr Congo, Senegal, and Rwanda are among them. They say skip the mall and go straight to KiKUU for the best deals.


Free shipping and delivery on all items , Constant coupon giveaways, discounts, flash, and super deals and Limited offers at the greatest price refresh three times a day

Offers on high-quality goods


Melcom is one of Ghana’s most prestigious retail malls. It began operations in Ghana in 1989 and remains one of the best we are aware of.

It launched an online store which offers a wide range of supermarket, electrical appliances, furniture, household products, mobile phones, and computer accessories.

They provide a wide range of products throughout all of their divisions, including electronics, appliances, mobile phones, laptops, furnishings, home and kitchen equipment, and much more.

Melcom has made it simple for anybody to buy from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered to their doorstep. The good news about ordering from Melcom is that orders above GHS 50 qualify for free shipping.

To place an online purchase, go to and join up, put in your personal information (which will be used to send your stuff to you), then buy the item, relax at home, and wait for Melcom to deliver it to you.


These online stores are some of the top ecommerce companies in Ghana. They are among the best companies in the country for their range of products and their delivery services. The stores provide a wide range of products for their customers such as electronics, food, clothes, books, sports equipment, and much more. They are very fast with their delivery services and hence have many loyal customers.

In all the eleven websites, Tonaton is one of the oldest and widely known for offering a variety of services including selling homes and farmlands while Jumia has also carved a niche as a marketplace for logistics and payment service. The logistics service enables the delivery of packages through a network of local partners. However, one brand that is gradually beating all these giants is Dealasm, mainly because of its free feature. Sellers have the opportunity to post ads or products freely and get buyers to also access these products with no charges.

If you have any product you’d like to sell, Dealasm is the best platform you should for you.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the top ecommerce companies in Ghana. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your online shopping experience and get the best deals online and on mobile when using online shopping platforms like Dealasm. So what are you waiting for? Check out our offers today by visiting Browse Deals